50's Costumes

Fabulous 50's Costumes and Accessories

Let's go to the sock hop! Throw back to the era of rock n' roll in our fantabulous 50's style costumes for adult men and women (including plus sizes), school-age kiddos and toddlers. Look like a sweet li'l bobby soxer in one of our many colorful poodle skirts, think pink in our selection of Pink Ladies jackets and wigs, or dress like a greaser, with a faux leather jacket and a switchblade comb ever-present in the back pocket of your jeans. Serve 'em up some fries with that shake in a car hop costume, or be the mother of them all in a pretty 50's sitcom housewife costume!
Women's 50's Costumes
Poodle skirts in all colors, Pink Ladies jackets, Grease, Marilyn, car hop and more! Adult and Plus sizes!
Men's 50's Costumes
Grease T-Birds jackets, The Fonz, bowling shirts, powder blue tuxedos, Buddy Holly and more! Adult and Plus sizes!
Kids' 50's Costumes
Poodle skirts, pink satin jackets, greaser jackets, bowling shirts and more! Toddler, Child and Teen sizes!
Plus Size 50's Costumes
Poodle skirts in all colors, Pink Ladies jackets, Grease, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis, 50's diner waitress and more!
50's Accessories
Cat eye glasses and sunglasses in several colors (including polka dots!), 50's scarves, saddle shoes, crinolines, headbands, polka dot earrings, bobby socks and more!
50's Wigs
Greaser wigs, Danny and Sandy wigs, Frenchy wigs, beehive wigs, flip wigs, pin up wigs, Marilyn Monroe wigs and more!
50's Waitress Costumes
40s and 50s style diner waitress and car hop costumes for adults and children.
50's Bowling Shirts
Retro colorblock bowling shirts, bowling shirt dresses and bowling-themed accessories
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