70's Costumes

70's Costumes for Adults and Kids

Celebrate the '70s with our 1970s costumes for adults and kids from Candy Apple Costumes. We have "Saturday Night Fever" disco era looks for your next '70s theme party. Shop our '70s Farah Fawcett-style feathered wigs, Afro wig looks and bell bottom styles.
Women's 60s & 70s Costumes
Women's go go dresses, hippie costumes, bell bottoms and disco jumpsuits
Men's 70's Costumes
Men's hippie costumes, leisure suits, tie dye and Dashiki shirts, bell bottoms and more!
Kids' 70's Costumes
Kids' and teens' go go dresses, hippie costumes, tie dye T-shirts and leisure suits.
Plus Size 60's and 70's Costumes
Plus size go go dresses, hippie costumes, leisure suits and bell bottoms.
60s and 70s Wigs
Afro wigs, feathered wigs, beehive and bouffant wigs, hippie wigs and more!
60s and 70s Accessories
Retro sunglasses, peace signs, disco ball earrings, pimp bling, mod hats and more!
60s and 70s Shoes
Go go boots, platform disco shoes and more!
70's Character Costumes
Famous character and people costumes of the 1970's
Scooby Doo Costumes
Generations of kids love the Scooby gang, and it all started in 1969!
Elvis Costumes
Work your hip swivel and lip curl in a fun, authentic Elvis costume!
Pimp & Ho Costumes
Pimp and ho costumes, hats, bling, fake gold teeth, fishnets and more!

Tell your friends to skip the manga look, and wear our hilarious Scooby Doo cartoon costumes to that next Cosplay party. Attract grins and groans wearing our '70s-style leisure outfits. Play older Elvis or a disco queen.

Browse our 1970s Willy Wonka and Oompa Loompa costumes. Visit our blog page to learn how to dress up like the Mod Squad.

Before you go to that next midnight showing of "Rocky Horror Picture Show," shop our Dr. Frank N Furter and the gang character costumes

We have the best costumes and accessories for less to dress you up for any era. Sizes range from toddler to teen to adult and plus-size adult.
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