70's Costumes

70's Costumes for Adults and Kids

Get the groovy look for your 70s party with our huge selection of adult and child costumes! Look like you're headed to Woodstock in a hippie costume or a fringed vest, or get your groove on at the disco in a leisure suit, go go dress or jump suit! We also have a great selection of wigs from afro puff to feathered like Farrah, and go go boots, peace sign jewelry and more!
Women's 60s & 70s Costumes
Women's go go dresses, hippie costumes, tie dye shirts, bell bottom pants, and disco jumpsuits
Men's 70's Costumes
Men's hippie costumes, leisure suits, tie dye shirts, Dashiki shirts, bell bottom pants and pimp costumes
Kids' 70's Costumes
Kids' and teens' go go dresses, hippie costumes, tie dye T-shirts, leisure suits and more.
Plus Size 60's and 70's Costumes
Plus size go go dresses, hippie costumes, tie dye, Dashiki shirts, bell bottom pants and more
60s and 70s Wigs
Afro wigs, feathered wigs, go go wigs, beehive wigs, bouffant wigs, flip wigs, bump wigs, hippie wigs, and more!
60s and 70s Accessories
Retro sunglasses, peace sign necklaces, disco ball earrings, pimp bling, pimp hats, psychedelic jewelry, mod hats and more!
60s and 70s Shoes
Go go boots for adults and children, pimp shoes, disco shoes, platform shoes, white mary janes, gold shoes, silver shoes and more!
70's Character Costumes
Famous character and people costumes - Brady Bunch, Sonny and Cher, Elvis and Priscilla, Marilyn, Jimi, Flintstones, Jeannie, Audrey, Jackie O, and more!
Scooby Doo Costumes
Generations of kids love the Scooby gang, and it all started in 1969! Adult Scooby Doo, Shaggy, Fred, Daphne and Velma costumes.
Elvis Costumes
Work your hip swivel and lip curl in a fun, authentic Elvis costume! Don't forget to throw in some karate moves and say "thank you, thank you very much!"
Pimp & Ho Costumes
Pimp costumes, hooker costumes, pimp hats, dollar sign jewelry, fake gold teeth, fishnet stockings, hooker wigs and more!
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