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Greek, Roman and Egyptian Costumes

The Ancient World lives on in word, song, stage - and Candy Apple Costumes' impressive-looking garb. Go back to the turn of the millennium with Greek & Roman costumes, Egyptian costumes, biblical costumes and Arabian costumes that are designed and crafted to the highest standards. We even have cave man costumes that are so easy to look good in, a…well, you know. Walk above the pyramids in an Egyptian Gods costume or plus size Egyptian Goddess costume. A sexy Roman costume makes sure no eyes are on the Senator beside you. And our Arabian section can turn you into anyone from Moses to a sultan.

You don't need to know the difference between a toga and a tunic to look good this Halloween. (For the record, a toga is a loose-fitting swath of cloth, while a tunic is more form-fit.) With our costumes, you'll have as good a time as the fans at the Roman Coliseum. Have we mentioned the Armor & Accessories section has everything you need to design a Greek warrior costume or transform into a Roman Centurion? It's enough to make you say you are Spartacus - or Caesar, Hercules, Noah, Zeus and any other costume you may choose from our big selection.

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