Biblical Costumes

Biblical Costumes

Candy Apple Costumes carries a large selection of Biblical costumes for adults and kids. Our religious costumes are perfect for church pageants, Easter, Christmas and history projects relating to the Bible. Choose from many popular Biblical figures including Moses, Jesus, Mary and Joseph, the Three Wise Men, the Angel Gabriel and More. Our Biblical selection also includes priest and nun costumes. Our fantastic assortment of costumes will help you recreate your favorite scenes and figures from the Bible. Costumes are available in child and adult sizes so the whole family can help reenact some of the most important moments in history.

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Child's Jesus Wig and Beard
Adult Jesus Wig and Beard
Adult Jesus Costume
Child's Jesus Costume
Plus Size Adult Shepherd or Jesus Costume
Child's Virgin Mary Costume
Adult Virgin Mary Costume
Deluxe Child Size Jesus Robe and Beard Costume
Child's Shepherd or Jesus Costume
Deluxe Adult Jesus Costume and Wig
Plus Size Adult Jesus Costume
Adult Shepherd or Moses Costume
Adult Herdsman or Noah Costume
Child's Melchior of Persia Wiseman Costume
Child's Shephard or Moses Costume
Child's Herdsman or Noah Costume
Men's Archangel Gabriel Costume
Adult Grey Zeus Wig and Beard
Child's Egyptian Pharaoh Costume
Adult Moses Wig and Beard Set
Men's Plus Size Joseph Costume
Men's Plus Size Hail Caesar Cosutme
Women's Plus Size Virgin Mary Costume
Men's Spartan Warrior Costume
Adult Deluxe Hercules Costume
Plus Size Deluxe Hercules Costume
Roman Senator Costume
Deluxe Adult Caesar Costume
Plus Size Deluxe Caesar Costume
Plus Size Adult Caesar Costume
Plus Size Adult Moses Costume
Adult Shepherd Costume
Deluxe Adult Biblical Wig and Beard - Brown, Black, Gray
Adult Balthasar of Arabia Wise Man Costume
Adult Gaspar of India Wise Man Costume
Adult Melchior of Persia Wise Man Costume
Adult Shepherd Costume
Child's Deluxe Green Wiseman Costume
Child's Deluxe Gold Wiseman Costume
Child's Deluxe Gold Shepherd Costume
Child's Deluxe Green Shepherd Costume
Child's Deluxe Moses Costume
Child's Biblical Wig and Beard
Adult Christmas Mary Costume
Deluxe Adult Emerald Wiseman Costume
Deluxe Sapphire Blue Wiseman Costume for Adults
Deluxe Garnet Wiseman Costume
Child's Virgin Mary Costume
Adult Deluxe Virgin Mary Costume
Adult Shepherd or Jesus Costume
Deluxe Adult Joseph Costume
Deluxe Green Velvet Wiseman Costume
Deluxe Brown Velvet Wiseman Costume
Deluxe Crimson Velvet Wiseman Costume
Adult Roman Toga Costume
Adult Roman Senator Toga Costume
Adult Deluxe Roman Gladiator Costume
Adult Red Caesar Roman Costume
Adult Spartacus Costume
Adult Unisex Toga Costume
Adult Toga Man Costume
Adult Roman Tunic Costume
Women's Mary Costume
Child's Mary Costume
Adult Toga Toga Costume
Adult Deluxe Centurion Costume
Plus Size Deluxe Roman Centurion Costume
Child's Roman Boy Costume
Deluxe Adult Roman Centurion Costume
Child's Biblical Blue Wiseman Costume
Child's Biblical Purple Wiseman Costume
Child's Biblical Burgundy Wiseman Costume
Child's Biblical Jesus or Shepherd Costume
Child's Biblical Moses Costume
Child's Biblical Mary Costume
Biblical Blue Wiseman Costume for Adults
Purple Wise Man Costume
Biblical Burgundy Wiseman Costume for Adults
Deluxe Adult Roman Gladiator Costume
White Wizard Costume
Adult Moses Costume
Biblical Wig and Beard
Big Curly Beard - More Colors
Adult Beard and Mustache - More Colors
Long Wavy Beard and Mustache - More Colors
Deluxe Gold Roman Helmet With Red Plume
Gold/Black Studded Roman Armor
Gold/Black Roman Shield
Deluxe Crooked Shepherd's Staff
Men's Egyptian Sandals
Unisex Brown Hippie Wig
Shepherd's Crook - White or Brown
Deluxe Washable Santa Wig and Beard
Deluxe Long Moses Wig and Beard
Child's Balthasar of Arabia Wiseman Costume
Child's Gaspar of India Wiseman Costume
Adult Pope Costume
Adult Jesus Costume
Child's Moses Costume
Child's Angel Wings and Tinsel Halo
Tinsel Angel Halo
Marabou Angel Wings
Full 14" Beard and Mustache Set - Black or Brown
White Marabou Halo
Adult Deluxe Joseph Costume
Adult Deluxe Mary Costume
Child's Deluxe Joseph Costume
Child's Deluxe Mary Costume
Roman Wristbands
Women's Angel Costume With Bell Sleeves
Men's Roman Sandals
Child's Roman Sandals
Men's Roman Gladiator Sandals
Deluxe Men's Brown Roman Sandals
White Full Beard and Mustache Set
Adult Egyptian Collar, Cuffs, & Belt Costume Kit
17" White Feather Angel Wings
20" White Feather Angel Wings
Adult Velvet Sexy Angel or Devil Costume
Adult Nylon Angel Costume
Black 26-inch Cat Of Nine Tails
Adult Crimped Beard and Mustache
Child's Gold Fabric Roman Helmet
Antiqued Gold Roman Body Armor With Cape
Antiqued Gold Plastic Roman Leg Guards
Antiqued Gold Feathered Roman Helmet
Antiqued Gold Plastic Roman Shield
Gold Ancient Knight Helmet
Feathered Roman Helmet - Gold or Silver
Long Full Gray Beard and Mustache Set
Long Crimped Beard and Mustache - Gray or Brown
Adult White Angel Robe
Deluxe Adult White/Gold Angel Robe With Halo
Toddler/Child Deluxe Angel Costume
Adult Deluxe Angelic Feather Wings - White or Black
Adult Angel Wings and Tinsel Halo
Plastic Monk's Cross With Beads
Roman Charioteer Helmet
Plastic Greek Laurel Wreath - Gold or Silver
Laurel Leaf Wreath
Gold Foil Roman Wreath
Gladiator Combat Shield and Sword
Plastic Roman Sword With Gold Lion Sheath
Roman Gladiator Sword
Roman Long Sword
Roman Armor
Silver/Gold Plastic Roman Shield
Roman Leg Guards
Deluxe Roman Helmet with Comb - More Colors
Deluxe Roman Helmet
Deluxe Black Roman Caesar Wig
Gold Roman Armbands
Roman Wristbands
Lamb Costume Kit
Plastic Animal Mask
Adult Lamb Costume
Child's Saint Joseph Costume
Adult Saint Joseph Costume
Roman Sword
Gold Roman Rope Belt
Plus Size Mighty Caesar XXXL Costume

Our Biblical costumes vary widely in style and cost allowing you to dress in style regardless of your budget. Many of our costumes are made by mainstream brands and include fast shipping. Click on the Biblical or priest costume you are interested in for more information about that specific design.

In addition to Biblical costumes, we also carry a large selection of angel costumes including wings, halos and gowns. Angel costumes go perfectly with Biblical costumes since angels played an important role in many stories in the Bible. Mix and match Angel and Biblical costumes for Christmas pageants and holiday plays.

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