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Gothic and Scary Costumes

Going for fright is an obvious Halloween staple, so Candy Apple Costumes spares no outfit. Any gothic and scary adult costumes and accessories you can conceive, you will find right here: witch, vampire, sorceress, goth fairy tale, goth rag doll, skeleton, devil, demon, evil jester, dark Alice, and such characters as Elvira, Jack the Ripper, The Grim Reaper, or some from The Rocky Horror Picture Show and other flicks. Our scary costumes for men and the rest of the family are one of our specialties.
Witch & Wizard Costumes
Witch, wizard, warlock, sorceress, Harry Potter, Wicked Witch, striped tights, hats and wands!
Vampire Costumes
Victorian vampire, modern vampire, sexy vampire, wigs, teeth, capes and more!
Skeleton and Grim Reaper Costumes
Skeleton jumpsuits, hoodies and leggings, Day of the Dead and grim reaper costumes
Devil & Demon Costumes
Devil and demon costumes, horns, pitchfork, masks and more.
Goth Fairy Tale Costumes
Dark fairies and twisted fairy tale costumes
Creepy Clown CostumesTim Burton Costumes
Nightmare Before Christmas, Edward Scissorhands, Beetlejuice and more!
Day of the Dead Costumes
Plus Size Gothic & Scary Costumes
Twisted fairy tale, dark Alice, dark angel, scary jester and more!
Rocky Horror Costumes
Frank N. Furter, Riff Raff, Columbia and Magenta.
Psycho and Serial Killer Costumes
Jack the Ripper, Michael Myers, Hannibal Lecter, Jason, Freddy Krueger and more
Gothic Wigs
Goth black and white, goth rag doll, and neon rave wigs
Steampunk Costumes
Steampunk costumes, wigs, hats, costume jewelry and toy weapons
Elvira Costumes
Elvira costumes, wigs and accessories
Rag Doll Costumes
Adult and child Raggedy Ann and Andy costumes, goth rag doll costumes
Alice in Wonderland Costumes
Adult and child Alice, Queen of Hearts, Mad Hatter costumes and more!
Red Riding Hood Costumes
Little Red Riding Hood and Big Bad Wolf costumes for adults and kids.
Wands & Weapons
Fairy wands, plastic knives, toy guns, swords, scepters, canes and more!
Our gothic costumes include men's scary costumes, and many options for women, children, toddlers and infants. As you consider our gothic costume ideas, also check our sizing charts, since one will not necessarily be like another. The only thing that will remain consistent is our reasonable prices. Maybe that's the one thing you will really find shocking! Get used to it, though, because that's what we're all about at Candy Apple Costumes, as well as providing quality garments that hold up well over time.
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