Animal Costumes

Adult and Child Animal Costumes

The best styles in adult and children's animal costume sets at affordable prices are at Candy Apple Costumes. Be your favorite jungle animal, or find a barnyard favorite. Shop our zoo collection of costumes, masks, ears, tails and other zoo animal costume accessories. We carry adorable infant-size animal costumes, too.
Adult Animal Costumes
Adult and plus size animal costumes, mascots, latex masks, ears, and tails.
Sexy Animal Costumes
Sexy adult animal costumes, sex kitten, tuxedo bunny, Minnie, headbands, tails and more!
Kids' Animal Costumes
Child, toddler and infant size plush animal costumes, masks, ears and tails.
Mascot Costumes
Adult plush mascot costumes, great for parades, store openings and parties
Animal Masks & Noses
Animal masks, noses, ears and headbands for adults and kids.
Playboy Bunny Costumes
Playboy costumes, sexy tuxedo bunny costumes, tails, ears and more!
Monkey Costumes
Monkey, gorilla, chimpanzee and flying monkey costumes, masks and tails
Giraffe Costumes
Giraffe costumes and masks for adults, kids and toddlers
Pig Costumes
Pig costumes, masks, curly tails and noses for adults and kids
Barnyard Animal Costumes
Cow, bull, sheep, lamb, donkey, horse, duck, Chicken Little, Three Little Pigs
Reptile Costumes
Crocodile, alligator, dragon, lizard, gecko, and dinosaur costumes and masks
Lion Costumes
Lion costumes and masks for women, men, kids and toddlers
Dog Costumes
Dog and puppy costumes for adults and kids
Reindeer Costumes
We carry regular and plus sizes in adult animal costumes. Shop our infant, toddler, growing child, tween and teen sizes from our children's animal costume collection. We have plush costume styles and comfortable fleece Funsies. Kids and grownups love our animal noses held in place with slender elastic bands.

Be a penguin, gorilla, pig, duck, cow, leopard or flamingo. We have reptile costumes and domestic dog and cat costume favorites. Shop our monkey, giraffe and pig costume sets. Browse our cartoon animal looks and wildlife costumes for Halloween, birthday parties, parades or school plays. Enlist your friends to dress up like reindeer for this year's Christmas party at home or the office.
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