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Crowns and Tiaras

Add a fancy flourish to your costume with our affordable costume crowns for adults and kids at Candy Apple Costumes. Find the perfect royal, faux jewel-encrusted topper for your particular costume, whether you need dainty tiaras or impressive king crowns. Costumes that require tiaras and crowns are always some of the most popular. You can use them to add sparkle to your royal princess, king or queen costume, or to complete the look of Renaissance royalty, Disney princesses and even Wonder Woman! Tiara costume crowns are a must-have for any princess-themed birthday party or special event.
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12-Pack Gold Cardboard King Crowns
Adjustable Plastic Queen Crown - Gold or Silver
Adult Gold Jeweled Crown
Adult Gold Medieval Crown
Adult Golden Branch Crown
Adult Henry VIII Hat
Adult Jeweled Fabric Royal Crown - Gold or Silver
Adult Pewter Spiked Crown
Adult Red Velvet King Crown
Adult Royal King Crown
Adult Royal Queen Crown - Gold or Silver
Adult Silver Medieval Crown
Adult Silver Rhinestone Flapper Headband
Child's Gold Royalty Crown
Child's Jeweled Fabric Royal Crown - Gold or Silver
Child's King Crown
Child's Royal King Crown
Child's Royal Queen Tiara
Cleopatra Gold Beaded Headpiece
Deluxe Gold Filigree Metal Jeweled Crown
Deluxe Theatrical Gold Metal King or Queen Crown
Glittering Royal Crown
Gold Child's King Crown
Gold Glitter Jeweled King Crown
Gold Glitter Jeweled Queen Crown
Gold Jeweled King Crown
Gold Jeweled Queen Crown
Gold Peaks Circlet Crown
Gold Pegasus Wings Headband
Gold/Red Glitter Mini Jeweled Queen Crown Headband
Happy Birthday Glitter Tiara
Large Heart Rhinestone Silver Tiara
Medieval Fantasy King's Crown
Men's King Henry VIII Hat
Mini Gold Princess Crown with Pearls
Mini Gold Queen Crown with Pearls
Mini Queen's Crown Headband
Mini Silver Princess Crown
Plastic King Crown - Gold or Silver
Plastic Princess Tiara - Silver or Gold
Plus Size Roman Goddess Costume
Princess Peach Crown & Amulet - Super Mario
Rhinestone Tiara
Silver Metal Hearts Tiara With Rhinestones
Silver Metal Teardrop Tiara With Rhinestones
Small Heart Rhinestone Silver Tiara
Statue of Liberty Tiara Headpiece
Women's Dripping Rubies Goddess Headpiece
Women's Shimmering Rhinestone Goddess Headpiece
We have deluxe Cinderella and Queen Elsa tiaras from favorite Disney movies and the economy pack of 12 gold cardboard king crowns that you can use to hand out at birthday parties, bar mitzvahs and other extra-special events. Shop our adjustable plastic queen crowns in gold or silver if you're looking for a low-cost way to brighten up a costume or to crown the king and queen of the party. We're also the go-to source for Mardi Gras crowns, and have plenty of options in eye-catching purple, green and yellow. Play Princess Fiona wearing our Shrek tiara with attached green ears.

Dress up a birthday party with our affordably priced Happy Birthday glitter tiara. Our Medieval Fantasy king's crown is a favorite at Renaissance fairs. Play an Egyptian queen with our Cleopatra gold beaded headpiece. Our red velvet crown has fake fur white trim and faux jewels fit for a make-believe king of the realm. Our Deluxe Theatrical Gold Metal Queen Crown is an elegantly crafted gold tone metal crown with elaborate workmanship and faux jewels. We have sparkling rhinestone tiaras, too.

Searching for crown costume ideas? Head on over to our storybook and fairytale costumes department to find a wide range of crowned costumes.
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