Family Halloween Ideas

Dressing up as a family for Halloween can truly be a fun and memorable experience. The main question to answer once you've agreed to go this route is "What do we dress up as?" The best way to answer this question is to explore several costume themes that offer each family member a chance to choose a character they enjoy. When all these characters are assembled together in one place, say, at a party, everyone can have a blast playing their roles.
Here are some popular family-friendly ideas:

Alice in Wonderland

In this popular children's tale, Alice, a young girl with a curious streak, follows a rabbit until she ends up tumbling down a rabbit hole, emerging into a world filled with intriguing characters and oddball adventures. Girls, teens and women can interpret the innocent Alice character with a cute blue dress costume, accessorized by white stockings and low-heel shoes. Other roles to take on include the eccentric Mad Hatter, a character who may or may not wear heavy makeup, the Red Queen, The White Queen, Cheshire Cat, the Doormouse, the Tweedles and the time-sensitive White Rabbit. Because this is a world where anything can happen, costume creativity knows no bounds.

Groovy Hippie Family

Recreate the Age of Aquarius in all its late '60s and early '70s glory with costumes that turn family members into hippies. Hippies represent a colorful, freewheeling style of dress, and a laid-back "live and let live" attitude. Hippies are open to getting along with different types of people, and they're very big on peace, long hair and groovy music. Each family member should browse the costumes of this era and zone in on a look by feeling its vibe.

Some may choose colorful flower-pattern tops or vibrant-pattern dresses and long flowing wigs. Others may feel like wearing a vibrant dashiki shirt and afro wig. And, some may be attracted to tie-dyed shirts, bell bottoms and peace necklaces. There's no right or wrong way to do this look because it's all about individual expression.

The World of Peter Pan

The fascinating world of Peter Pan continues to delight young and old, and kids and adults can choose to become Peter Pan, a character who can fly and take on pirates. Tinkerbell is Peter's constant companion, and her outfit includes a cute green dress with fairy wings. Animal characters roam freely and there's a pesky crocodile who keeps stalking surly Captain Hook, a pirate who is Peter's arch enemy. Family members in supporting roles can wear assorted animal and pirate costumes to help create a lively Neverland.

Renaissance Family

In 14th century Europe, a period of cultural and social enlightenment was typified by a renewed interest and appreciation for arts, music and literature, and serious study of philosophy, religion and science. This era was dubbed the Renaissance and it started in Italy, and eventually spread throughout Europe. Royal families and royal courts maintained the status quo and fashions reflected social status and class. Renaissance costumes tend to be distinctive and lush.

You can create a renaissance family look using any medieval or renaissance costume. The whole family can dress up like royals, and there are king, queen and princess costumes for kids and adults. Or, you can opt for a mixture of costumes representing royals, noblemen, ladies, commoners and assorted colorful characters.
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