Children's Hats and Crowns

It doesn't matter if your little one wants to show up in a classic, historical costume - a kids' tricorn hat is a must! - or if he or she wants to go as a sweet prince or princess, you'll find the toppers to complete the look in our selection of kids' costume hats. There's almost no kids' costume that can't be finished with a cute-as-can-be kids' hat or headband, and Candy Apple Costumes has all the best-of-the-best! Finish off your cute and cuddly kids' animal costume with animal ear headbands or let him be a cool Mad Hatter or magician with a kids' top hat!
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Gold Child's King Crown
Child's Deluxe Black Colonial Tricorne Hat
Child's White Cloth Colonial Bonnet
Train Engineer Cap - Adult or Child
Child London Bobby Police Hat
Plastic Princess Tiara - Silver or Gold
Child's King Crown
Black Colonial Tricorne Hat With Gold Trim - Adult or Child
Permafelt Black Top Hat - Adult or Child
White Cotton Sailor Hat - Adult
Mini Silver Princess Crown
Child's Gold Royalty Crown
Funny Mini Cowboy Costume Kit
Plastic Tiara
Plastic Star Tiara
Child's Camoflauge Army Helmet
Ponytail Bopper Headband - More Colors
Child's Royal King Crown
Child's Royal Queen Tiara
Fawn Antlers Headband
Mini Gold Queen Crown with Pearls
Mini Gold Princess Crown with Pearls
Child's Plastic Pith Helmet
Plastic Knight's Helmet
Black Permafelt Bowler Hat
Zebra Ears and Tail Costume Set
Disney Mickey Mouse Ears Headband
Tinsel Angel Halo
Off-White Toyo Straw Skimmer Hat
Child's Bee Wings and Headband Kit
Child's Black Colonial Tricorne Hat
Plastic Conquistador Helmet
Child's Monkey Costume Kit
Child's Bear Costume Kit
Child's Chicken Costume Kit
Cow Costume Kit
Child's Mouse Costume Kit
Child's Elephant Costume Kit
Elephant Costume Kit
Monkey Costume Kit
Cat Costume Kit
Mouse Costume Kit
Pig Costume Kit
Donkey Costume Kit
Reindeer Costume Kit
Lion Costume Kit
Child Size Whipstitch Cowboy Hat - More Colors
Lamb Costume Kit
Child's Black Cat Costume Kit
Unicorn Headband and Tail Costume Set
Black Pom Pom Antenna Headband
Monkey Ears and Tail Costume Set
Disney Minnie Mouse Ears, Gloves & Tail Costume Kit
Silver Metal Teardrop Tiara With Rhinestones
Silver Metal Hearts Tiara With Rhinestones
Giraffe Ears and Tail Costume Set
Our kid-sized costume hats, headbands, boppers, antennae, tiaras and crowns are ideal for costume parties, school projects, dress-up or any other occasion! We have the best variety of kids' costume caps and hats, including kids' police hats, top hats, space helmets, headbands, boppers, antennae, mouse ears, princess tiaras, king and queen crowns, cowboy hats and more! Many of our adult hats will also fit children - see all the options in our costume hats section!
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