Pig Costumes, Noses and Masks

If you tell fairy tales to your little ones, try sending them to bed early one night with the promise of "The Three Little Pigs" and a surprise. Then, imagine their shock and delight when you walk into their bedroom in a few minutes dressed in a pink pig funsie outfit from Candy Apple Costumes. This is just one of many ideas you can employ to make family time that extra bit special, then use the costume when Halloween rolls around. Then, you can have the kids join you in funsie outfits of their own.
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The options don't end there with Candy Apple Costumes. We also have a child's pig costume, little pig costumes for infants and toddlers, pig costume kits, and more, including a pig mascot costume. All you have to do is check our size chart, which fluctuates by costume, and your comfort is assured. Get in your order today, and don't lose any time making a pig out of yourself with us!
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