Pirate Hats and Accessories

Pirate Hats, Swords & Accessories

No pirate outfit is complete without the proper accessories, so you must decide how you want to augment the look you are striving to achieve. A wig, mustache and beard are indispensable, since shaving never ranked high on the buccaneer to-do list. Close behind are hat and vest and maybe ruffled collar. For a real swashbuckler, you will want cutlass, eye patch, tooth cap and skull sash, and maybe more. Ladies will also want the right hat, choker, earrings, corset belt, and perhaps the right thigh highs, leggings or tights.
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26-Inch Plastic Cavalry Sword With Sheath
50s Skinny Tie - White or Black
Adult Black/Pink Burlesque Tutu
Adult Brown Faux Leather Cinch Waist Belt
Adult Brown Renaissance Belt
Adult Colonial Tricorne Hat With White Wig
Adult Crimped Beard and Mustache
Adult Desert Princess Gem Earrings
Adult Faux Leather Pirate Belt
Adult Jesus Wig and Beard
Adult Pirate Hat with Bandana & Dreadlocks
Adult White Mob Cap
Antiqued Silver Pirate Skull Mask
Biblical Wig and Beard
Black Colonial Tricorne Hat With Gold Trim - Adult or Child
Black Colonial Tricorne Hat With Snaps
Black Pirate Boot Covers
Black Pirate Hat With Silver Rings
Black Tooth Wax
Black/Gold Velvet Venetian Carnival Mask
Blonde Viking Wig and Braided Beard
Brown Distressed Faux Leather Tricorne Hat
Brown Faux Leather Mini Pirate Hat
Brown Pirate Hat with Skulls & Chains
Buccaneer Beauty Mini Pirate Hat
Buccaneer Pirate Hat
Cavalry Sword
Child's Black Colonial Tricorne Hat
Child's Brown Buccaneer Wig
Child's Deluxe Black Colonial Tricorne Hat
Child's Pirate Hat
Child's Renaissance Buccaneer Shirt
Dangly Gold Coin Earrings
Deluxe Adult Biblical Wig and Beard - Brown, Black, Gray
Deluxe Brown Vinyl Colonial Pirate Boot Covers
Deluxe Character Mustache
Deluxe Eye Patch
Deluxe Pirate Cutlass
Deluxe Pirate Pistol
Deluxe Santa or Pirate Belt
Deluxe Toy Pirate Pistol
Embellished Mini Pirate Hat Headband
Girls' Fishnet Pantyhose - More Colors
Girls' Opaque Footless Tights With Lace Trim
Gold Coin Earrings
Long Full Gray Beard and Mustache Set
Men's White Colonial Shirt Front With Jabot
Mini Black Pirate Hat Headband With Feather
Pirate Booty Pouch
Pirate Cutlass
Pirate Earring & Eye Patch
Pirate Hook
Pirate Mustache and Beard
Pirate Mustache and Goatee
Pirate Parrot
Pirate Sash with Skull
Pirate Skull Eye Patch and Earring Kit
Pleather Thigh High Pirate Boot Covers
Plus Size Adult Sheer Crinoline
Plus Size Layered Tulle Petticoat - More Colors
Red Pirate Beard and Mustache
Satin Pirate Sash
Velvet Parrot Hat
White Lace Jabot and Cuffs Set
Women's Black Renaissance Pirate Corset Vest
Women's Capitano Renaissance Pirate Hat
As you can see, finding the right costume is just the start, but pirate accessories are what make the right statement. Through Candy Apple Costumes, you will be more than ready to set sail for your costume party, or whatever else you have planned. We look forward to helping you stand out with a quality costume at an excellent price so you'll have a great time.
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