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Plus Size Deluxe Costumes

Plus Size Deluxe and Theatrical Costumes

If you're plus size, whether man or woman, you've undoubtedly had your difficulties finding a suitable selection of theatrical costumes. You no longer have to spin your wheels in endless, time-consuming searches now that you've come to Candy Apple Costumes. Right here, you will find an astonishing array of outfits, no matter what the event is you are trying to cast.
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Women's Plus Size Sorceress 2X/3X Costume
Plus Size Men's Henry VIII Costume
Adult Men's Plus Size Pirate Prince Coat Costume
Men's Plus Size Spanish Bandido Deluxe Costume
Women's Plus Size Western Saloon Madam Costume
Plus Size Adult Sandy Speakeasy Flapper Costume - More Colors
Plus Size Deluxe Black Lace 20's Flapper Costume
Plus Size Adult Red Renaissance Queen Deluxe Costume
Deluxe Plus Size Adult Elegant Empress Costume
Plus Size Men's Prince Charming Costume - Once Upon a Time
Deluxe Plus Size Dark Knight Costume
Deluxe Plus Size Renaissance Prince Costume
Adult Captain Barrett Colonial Pirate Costume
Plus Size Captain Barrett Colonial Pirate Costume
Deluxe Plus Size Adult Lady Renaissance Costume
Plus Size Purple Lady of Camelot Costume
Plus Size Navy Police Officer Costume
Women's Plus Size Sweet Mermaid Costume
Plus Size Men's Wise Guy Gangster Costume
Plus Size Adult Pharaoh Costume
Plus Size Adult Oktoberfest Guy Costume
Plus Size Adult Rawhide Renegade Cowboy Costume
Women's Plus Size Poisonous Villain Costume
Men's XXL Colonial Mercenary Costume
Deluxe Adult Oktoberfest Guy Lederhosen Costume (Plus Size)
Plus Size Deluxe Adult Ringmaster Costume
Men's Plus Size Top Gun Flight Suit
Women's Plus Size Classic Cinderella Costume
Women's Plus Size Black Cozy Bat Costume
Women's Plus Size Mystic Vixen Costume
Women's Plus Size Tea Time Alice Costume
Leg Avenue Risky Raccoon Sexy Plus Size Costume
Leg Avenue Spellbound Witch Costume (Plus Size)
Leg Avenue French Can Can Dancer Costume (Plus Size)
Leg Avenue Top Gun Women's Flight Dress Plus Size Costume
Plus Size Gretchen German Beer Girl Costume
Women's Plus Size Cozy Leopard Costume
Plus Size Deluxe Hercules Costume
Plus Size Ruthless Rogue Pirate Costume
Plus Size Adult Robin Hood Costume
Men's Plus Size Medieval Assassin Costume
XL Crimson Regency Plush Santa Claus Suit
Plus Size Adult Licensed Raggedy Ann Costume
Women's Plus Size Dorothy Costume
Plus Size Women's Deluxe Miss Darkness Costume
XXL Adult Red Premier Plush Santa Claus Suit
Plus Size Oktoberfest Fraulein Costume
Plus Size Women's Red Velvet Classic Mrs. Claus Costume
Women's Plus Size Mrs. Santa Claus Costume
XXXL Super Deluxe Santa Claus Suit
Plus Size Women's Retro Diner Doll Costume
Plus Size Women's Keep It Clean French Maid Costume
Plus Size Women's Sophisticated Lady Flapper Costume
Plus Size Women's Night Nurse Costume
Plus Size Adult Red Premier Plush Santa Claus Suit
Plus Size Deluxe Caesar Costume
Plus Size Discolicious Sexy 70's Costume
Plus Size Adult Racy Raccoon Costume
Plus Size Sexy Fetching Fraulein German Costume
Plus Size Adult Dark Red Riding Hood Costume
Men's Plus Size Union Officer Deluxe Costume
Adult XXL Blue Zoot Suit Costume
Plus Size Renaissance Maiden Costume
Deluxe Red Riding Hood Costume (Plus Size)
XXL Crimson Regency Plush Santa Claus Suit
Plus Size Deluxe Enchanting Princess Costume
Plus Size Ultra Velvet Mrs. Claus Costume
Plus Size Super Deluxe Santa Claus Suit
Adult Deluxe Velveteen Santa Claus Suit
Plus Size Adult Purple Renaissance Lady Costume
Plus Size Purple Haze Hippie 70's Costume
Plus Size Madame of the Night Pimpette Costume
Plus Size Adult Tavern Maiden Costume
Plus Size Deluxe Barney Rubble Costume
Dreamgirl On Duty Cutie Sexy Cop Costume (Plus Size)
Plus Size Dreamgirl Dames Like Us Flapper Costume
Plus Size Adult Watchmen Nite Owl Costume
Plus Size Officer Law Sexy Cop Costume
Plus Size Adult Star-Spangled Uncle Sam Costume
Plus Size Adult Dark Knight Batman Costume
Deluxe Plus Size Renaissance Tavern Wench Costume
Plus Size Sexy Commando Soldier Costume
Women's Plus Size Ruthless Pirate Wench Costume
Women's Plus Size Looking Glass Alice Costume
Men's Plus Size Werewolf Costume
Womens' Plus Size World War II Land Girl/Rosie Costume
Plus Size White Rhinestone Rock Star Costume
Adult Skunk Funsies Costume
Adult Wooly the Black Sheep Funsies Costume
Adult Ren the Rooster Funsies Costume
Adult Una the Unicorn Funsies Costumes
Adult Red Fox Funsies Costume
Adult Emerald Juliet Renaissance Costume
Women's Airways Attendant Costume
Adult Sexy Swashbuckler Costume
Women's Day of the Dead Bride Costume
Adult Gold/Black Broadway Flapper Costume
Adult Red/Gold Broadway Flapper Costume
Adult Silver/Black Broadway Flapper Costume
Adult Plus Size Deluxe Abraham Lincoln Costume
Fast Pitch Sexy Baseball Player Costume (Plus Size)
Forplay Beloved Sailor Sexy Costume (Plus Size)
Plus Size Deckhand Darling Sexy Sailor Costume
Plus Size Adult 1920's Gold Coast Gentleman Costume
Plus Size Women's Manic Mad Hatter Costume
Plus Size Adult Big Foot Costume
Women's Black Fringed Manhattan Flapper Costume
Women's Silver Fringed Martini Flapper Costume
Deluxe Minions Women's Jumper Costume
Adult British Bobbie Costume - Standard and Plus Size
Women's Mighty Maid Marian Medieval Costume
Adult Viking Victor Costume
Men's Roaring 20's Good Time Charlie Costume
Adult Theodore Roosevelt Costume - Standard and Plus
Adult Rowdy Robin Hood Medieval Costume
Adult Zoot Suit Riot Costume
Adult Reindeer Costume
Adult Pig Costume
Adult Crocodile Costume
Adult Dalmatian Dog Costume
Adult Lamb Costume
Adult Monkey Costume
Adult Lion Costume
Adult Tiger Costume
Adult Duck Costume
Adult Chicken Costume
Adult Skippy the Flying Squirrel Funsies Costume
Adult Kylie Koala Funsies Costume
Adult Willie the Wolf Funsies Costume
Adult Bailey the Bear Funsies Costume
Adult Casey the Cow Funsies Costume
Adult Rocky Raccoon Funsies Costume
Adult Red Santa Claus Suit
Deluxe Adult Norm the Nordic Polar Bear Mascot Costume
Deluxe Adult Brutus the Bull Mascot Costume
Deluxe Adult Rickey Raccoon Mascot Costume
Deluxe Adult Fox Mascot Costume
Adult Polar Bear Plush Mascot Costume
Adult Super Deluxe Santa Claus Suit
Super Deluxe Santa Claus Suit
Deluxe Adult Colonial Man Costume - XL to 3X
Adult Plus Size George Washington Costume
Deluxe Adult Olaf the Snowman Costume
Deluxe Adult Plush Elmo Costume
Deluxe Adult Plush Cookie Monster Costume
Plus Size Women's Magnificent Witch Costume
Plus Size Deluxe Electric Mad Hatter Costume with Hat and Pants
Men's Plus Size Rogue Pirate Costume
Plus Size Black Hooded Robe
Plus Size Crimson Premier Plush Santa Claus Suit
XXL Plus Size Ultra Velvet Santa Claus Suit
Men's Plus Size Mystic Sorcerer Monk Costume
Plus Size Men's Bone Daddy Skeleton Suit Costume
Adult Elephant Costume
Adult Georgie the Giraffe Funsies Costume

Whether your characters hail from TV, movies, cartoons, fairy tales, fantasy - you name it - we have it all. You'll find costumes from Raggedy Ann, the Wizard of Oz's Dorothy, Barney Rubble of The Flintstones, Alice in Wonderland, the Abominable Snowman, the Joker from Batman and every imaginable generic period character, from pirate and empress to French maid and every sort of medieval role. If you're looking for something with a sexy bent, our selection is similarly extensive.

These superior quality theatrical costumes make these great high-end plus size Halloween costumes, but without the high-end prices. They're very affordable and of a much higher caliber than what you can find at your typical party store. This is a great lower-budget alternative to the traditional theatrical costumers, as our clothing and accessories are historically accurate and highly detailed for each character. Immerse yourself fully in an historic time period, such as Medieval times, the Renaissance, ancient history, the Wild West, the '60s and much more. Are you a Civil War re-enactor? Have you been invited to a Roaring '20s theme party? We've got the perfect costumes for plus size females and males. You'll look and feel amazing!

Every offering is a guaranteed high-quality comfortable fit. Ensure that you check the sizing chart for each item, since they all differ. If it's a costume party you're attending and going as a group, you can see that you have some great options to captivate the throng.

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