White and Platinum Costume Wigs

Whether your costume for your upcoming party, Halloween or school play will be a historical figure or an elderly contemporary, we at Candy Apple Costumes have the white and platinum wigs and beards to help you achieve the right look. We offer white wigs for every icy-haired icon, from Mr. Claus himself to Beetlejuice and Cruella de Vil. It doesn't matter if you're searching for a short, white wig to complement your superhero style or want to find a historical wig to honor one of the Founding Fathers, you'll find it in our assortment.
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Curly or straight? It doesn't matter, because we've got it! Maybe you need something long, or it needs to be a short white wig. Whatever you seek, there are white and platinum wigs or beards for everyone, whether adult, teen, tween, child or toddler. You pick the era, and we have it: Colonial, Victorian, Renaissance or Medieval. You can even complement your modern decade-themed looks with white wigs from the '20s, '50s, '60s or today.

Looking for something show-stopping to complete your ice princess look? Pick out one of our stunning long, white wigs that you can use to recreate any ghostly queen or alternative renaissance princess. We've got white wigs for men here, too. These options are especially popular for guys who want to go as Santa, colonial figures, Greek gods or funny grandpas.

Your hair will never turn white at our prices, and you'll always be pleased with the product, which you will use again and again for many occasions. Those are two standards upon which we pride ourselves at Candy Apple Costumes. Shop all of our costume wigs for styles in other colors, including blue, pink, red, green, rainbow, yellow and purple.
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