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Take your pick of stylish fake facial hair with our great selection of costume beards and mustaches for kids and adults in every style, time period and color. You may have just the costume you want for your next party, or maybe it's your kids who are dressing up for a school play or another event. The costume is just one part of your ensemble, and our costume mustaches and beards can complete your look. Can you imagine going as a clean-shaven Moses, pirate or Santa Claus? That will never happen with the many costume beards and mustaches available here at Candy Apple Costumes
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Dead-set on going as a mustachioed man this Halloween? We can help you get all the best ideas for costumes with mustaches. These are essential accessories for bikers, Mario, Luigi, pirates, cops and more. They're even great for honoring your favorite funny figures, like Charlie Chaplin, Burt Reynolds or Ron Burgundy. There are equally as many costumes with beards for those who want to rock some serious facial hair. Consider going as a Viking, a biker, a wizard, a biblical figure, a redneck or a historical figure like Lincoln, Jesus and many more. You'll find beards, goatees, mustaches - every possibility to complete your character.

Look like you stepped out of biblical history in a long beard, or dress up like Santa Claus himself in a full white beard. Go biker or tough cop in a handlebar mustache or wear a dandy goatee like William Shakespeare. Look like a carnival barker or Victorian gentleman in a slim, neat mustache to match your own hair color, or go festive with our St. Patrick's Day green mustaches. There's truly no bearded or mustachioed character you can't celebrate with this amazing assortment.

We look forward to filling your order, putting the finishing touch on your outfit that will help you make the scene that much more. Don't forget to peruse our complete selection of costume accessories and costume wigs for more great ideas.
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