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20th Century Decade Costumes

For next Halloween, or for an upcoming party, consider representing one of these eras in 20th century decade costumes from Candy Apple Costumes. We have decade costumes from the '20s through the '90s, so your options will literally span the century. You can go as a flapper or gangster from the '20s, a famous figure of the '30s like Charlie Chaplin, or as a hip hop figure from the '90s. After all, music also became revolutionized through the years, with emphasis going from blues to rock, in all its various forms, to hip hop and other genres.
For man, woman, child, toddler, and infant, we have coordinated costume options, so if you go out as a family, you have some real creative possibilities to make a statement! We can also accommodate all sizes, up to plus size, but as you browse, always check our sizing charts, since these can vary. As you narrow your choices, don't forget to get the right accessories, which always make the outfit!

To say that the world underwent tremendous change in the 20th century is probably the biggest understatement of the century! Perhaps more scientific and technological advances occurred in this century than in any other. Consider just a few areas: aviation progressed from the Wright Brothers to supersonic transports; movies went from silent to not; the world went from peace to two world wars and other conflicts, plus the use of nuclear weaponry, and, of course, telephones went from the old candlestick design of the '20s to cordless phones of the '90s, then cell phones, with the first text message sent in 1992!

With Candy Apple Costumes, you will always find quality decade costumes at realistic prices. We have an ongoing commitment to customer satisfaction, so you can always expect to get the very best, bringing you years of use and enjoyment.
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