Jester Costumes for Adults and Kids

A jester was one of the most popular entertainers of medieval and Renaissance times, and with a high-quality court jester costume from our collection, you 'll be ready to put on a show. There 's nothing foolish about our jester costumes for kids and adults that are perfect for everything from parties to plays. Tell stories at the Renaissance Fair in a classic jester costume, go party in New Orleans with a Mardi Gras jester costume or seductively mime your way through the night in a Harlequin jester costume (or a Harley Quinn costume, if you prefer). The bright colors and motley patterns will add a festive flair to any occasion.
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If you want to put a dark twist on this common troupe, a gothic jester costume is good for a different kind of humor. Or you can skip the laughs altogether with our evil jester costumes. You can get a boy or girl jester costume in many sizes so the show can go on at any age. Our authentic-looking attire will look even better with jester hat, tights, capes, shoes and canes that are worth their weight in gold. If fooling around is your idea of a good time, you can find more rollicking outfits in our clown costumes and elf costumes.
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