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There are few outlaws from the Wild West that are as notorious as Jesse James. Stories abound about the infamous bank robber. However, do you know how Jesse James died? James didn't die in a glorious gun battle or even in a robbery gone bad. No, one of America's original most wanted criminals was shot in the back by a fellow gang member while James' mom cooked up some breakfast.
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James met his end in his own home in Tennessee on April 3, 1882 when he turned around to fix a crooked picture on the wall. He was 34.

If you're heading out dressed in one of the fabulous Wild West Costumes from Candy Apple Costumes then you need some equally delightful Wild West Accessories.

From cowboy hats to spurs to holsters and bandanas, Candy Apple Costumes has all the best accessories to make your Wild West ensemble something to write home about. Ride 'em cowboy and remember what James apparently forgot, never turn your back on a fellow outlaw.
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