60's and 70's Costume Shoes

Get your groove on and prepare to boogie on down in cool costume shoes from Candy Apple Costumes. We've done our research to find the most popular shoe styles from the 1960s and 1970s, and we're offering them in this convenient collection, making it easy for you to find '60s and '70s costume shoes for men, women and kids.
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All listings include available sizes for each style, which you can view by clicking the size menu. We also provide a handy sizing chart for added convenience. Please refer to the chart when you require more sizing information. Please note that women's costume shoes tend to run at least a half size small, so go one size up when necessary.

Groovy Go-Go Boots

Go-go boots are forever associated with an exciting time in music, TV and fashion during the 1960s. Created by French fashion designer, Andre Courreges, the original sleek, modern boots came to mid-calf height and had a low heel. Wildly popular, this style of boot was worn by female dancers seen on music shows such as Shindig! Since fashion always evolves, the typical height of the go-go boot increased to knee-high level, and heels also went a bit higher. Classic styles were made of leather or shiny PVC material, which gave them a cool "space age" vibe. Our go-go boot collection includes boots with slender and wide calf areas, and heel height is typically 3-4 inches for adult boots. And while white is the most popular color choice, you can also find them in other fashionable colors.

Hip Platform Shoes

Platform shoes are one of the coolest and wackiest footwear fads of the jive talking 1970s. Before then, raised-heel shoes were typically worn by men seeking an easy way to add a few inches to their height. However, in the '70s, platform shoes became the de facto shoe style for many men, women and teens throughout the land. Most people who socialized at school, work or dance clubs had at least one pair of platform shoes in their shoe collection. While they may seem a bit challenging to wear, once you slip on a pair, you quickly get used to walking around in them, which we recommend doing before going out to your party or event.
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