Clown Shoes for Adults and Kids

Why do clowns wear such big shoes? Well, the answer is simple. They have really big shoes to fill. No, really they do. Clowns are rich in history, dating back to the early seventeenth century. Court jesters go back even farther, entertaining queens and kings in their courts.
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Of course, clowns could wear really huge shoes because they have a whole lot of sole. Sure, they do. Just like Aretha Franklin, the queen of soul, clowns are tops when it comes to sole. Clown shoes are their own form of art and fashion.

There's also the fact that clowns can be heels. So, you would need big shoes for that.

Seriously folks, clowns started to wear over-exaggerated clothes and shoes way back when. The earliest clowns sported large shoes to garner laughs.

If you're getting your clown on, then you need an awesome pair of shoes. Candy Apple Costume has a fabulously funny selection of Clown and Jester Shoes from kid sizes all the way up to adults.

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