Clown Costume Wigs

Top your clown costume with a bright, colorful wig! We carry a great selection of adult and child size clown afro wigs in every color, curly clown wigs, pigtail clown wigs, rainbow wigs, and more!
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While many academics dispute the existence of coulrophobia or the fear of clowns, a large majority of adults admit to crossing the street at the very sight of a clown. Horror king, Stephen King created the mother of all evil clowns in his best seller "It." A demon attacks kids in the scary classic dressed as you guessed it, a clown.

However, despite their bad rap, many people including children appreciate the warmth and smiles that clowns bring. If you're going to embrace your inner clown and dress up as one, you've got to have the hair.

Candy Apple Costumes has a delightful collection of Clown Costume Wigs. They're available in all the colors of the rainbow. You'll find long, short and curly haired clown wings. There are other fabulous clown accessories too. Got the clown car ready? The big top is waiting.
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