Kids' Doctor and Nurse Costumes

Doctor and Nurse Costumes for Kids

You may think of kids playing doctor as mere frivolity, but such role playing is an integral part of their development. Child development experts have always said this helps them advance in abstract thinking and other areas, so aiding and abetting them in this regard can only be a positive for them. Thus, enliven this dynamic and get an actual nurse or doctor outfit for kids from Candy Apple Costumes.
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For boys, we have such costumes as lab coat, scrubs and doctor garb. For girls, we have various nurse costumes. Our selection actually encompasses big kids and tweens too, in case they need a costume for a school play, or what not. Check the size chart for each item you want, since those differ per item. And don't forget an accessory or two, like stethoscope, hypodermic needle, medical bag and more.

Whatever you order can also double as a Halloween outfit when the time comes, so you will get extra bang for your buck. Speaking of that, you can always be assured of reasonable prices from Candy Apple Costumes. Get a medical costume today, and help further your kids along in life while establishing some nice memories.
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