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If you're considering attending a costume party with your kids as Hollywood stars, and wonder about hair color, think bold and bright, not subtle. Don't bother dying your hair pink, when you can get pink wigs from Candy Apple Costumes in scores of shades. We're not talking standard pink, but hot pink wigs, neon pink wigs, fuchsia, bubblegum, pale pink, candy pink, and more. When you walk in, the other partygoers might have to be wearing sunglasses! Seems more and more celebrities are trying the pink look - all the more reason you should likewise make the scene.
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You will find that your options extend far beyond color. You can be an '80s pop star, pinup girl, Pink Lady, pink flamingo, and a whole lot more, in an array of styles and cuts. When you see the quality of your pink costume wig, after paying such a reasonable price, let's just say you will be tickled pink!
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