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Creepy Clown Costumes

Scary Clown Costumes for Adults and Kids

When did clowns go from being the fun part of a circus to something that gives people nightmares? Personally, we blame Stephen King. But no matter what you think of classic clowns, we think you 'll agree our scary clown costumes are freakily good. Be a showstopper in more ways than one in a killer clown costume that 's straight out of a horror movie. Adults and kids alike can make the worst macabre jokes in an evil jester costume, a pennywise clown costume (there 's Stephen King again), a Harlequin outfit or a wicked trickster costume that is definitely up to no good.
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Adult Deluxe Pennywise Clown Costume
Adult Horror Clown Costume
Latex Killer Clown Mask
Child/Teen Killer Clown Costume
Plus Size Killer Clown Costume
Adult Killer Clown Costume
Men's Black/White Harlequin Tailcoat Costume
Women's Wicked Trickster Costume
Child's Joke's on You Evil Jester Costume
Adult Red/Black Evil Jester Costume
Plus Size Red/Black Evil Jester Costume
Child's White/Black Evil Jester Costume
Adult Black/White Evil Jester Costume
Red/Black Curly Clown Puffs Wig
Evil Clown Mask
Creepy Clown Mask
Adult Sexy Mime Costume, Size Large
Plus Size White/Black Evil Jester Costume
Adult Black/White Harlequin Diamond Leggings
Adult Harlequin Jester Tuxedo Costume
Plus Size Adult Harlequin Jester Tuxedo Costume
Women's Plus Size Harlequin Clown Costume
Cirque Sinister Tainted Harlequin Sexy Costume
Deluxe Bloody Cleaver
Plastic Axe
Plastic Knife
Glow in the Dark Meat Cleaver
Harlequin Clown Opera Gloves
Adult Circus Sweetie Sexy Red Tuxedo Costume
Tween Dark Jester Costume
Plus Size Giggles the Clown Costume
Plus Size Polka Dot Clown Costume
Deluxe Snazzy Clown Costume
Adult Tootsie the Clown Costume, Size M/L
Adult Choo-Choo Charlie Striped Clown Overalls
Adult Belle of the Big Top Clown Costume
Plus Size Adult Big Top Clown Costume
Adult Just Clownin' Sexy Clown Costume
Women's Plus Size Tickles the Clown Costume
Plus Size Jack the Jolly Clown Costume
Junior Dreamgirl Clownin' Around Costume
Adult King's Delight Sexy Harlequin Costume
Adult Oops-a-Daisy Clown Costume
Adult Clownin' Around Costume, Size M/L
Adult Purple/Black Velvet Jester Costume
Adult Jade/Black Velvet Jester Costume
Adult Red/Black Velvet Jester Costume
Plus Size Adult Purple/Black Velvet Jester Costume
Plus Size Adult Jade/Black Velvet Jester Costume
Plus Size Adult Red/Black Velvet Jester Costume
Red Crochet Rag Doll Beanie with Pigtails
Adult Striped Clown Shirt
Adult Striped Pirate Matie/Mime Shirt - Red or Black
Plus Size XXXL Clown Costume
Women's Pink Hippie Bell Bottom Pants
Adult Sexy Le Belle Harlequin Costume
Deluxe Racy Rag Doll Costume
Adult White Cotton Pinafore
Women's Red/Black Card Jester Jumpsuit Costume
Women's White/Black Diamond Jester Jumpsuit Costume
Adult Women's Gothic Venetian Harlequin Costume
Adult Men's Gothic Venetian Harlequin Costume
Adult Gothic Venetian Harlequin Mask
Adult Glitter Jumbo Sneakers Clown Shoes
Blue Flower Mary Jane Clown Shoes
Child Size Rainbow Striped Clown Overalls Costume
Infant/Toddler Big Top Clown Costume
Child's Big Top Clown Costume
Child's Clown Princess Costume
Child Size Gloves - White or Red
Toddler Girl's Big Top Fun Clown Costume
Child's Clown on the Town Costume
Child's Violet the Clown Costume
Child's Bubbles the Clown Costume
Junior Dreamgirl Clownin' Around Costume
Child's Baby Doll Clown Costume
Child's Red/Yellow Clown Shoes
Child's Blue/Yellow Clown Shoes
Foam Clown Nose
Afro Clown Wig - More Colors
Rainbow Clown Wig
Comic Cutie Orange Wig
Berry Bubbles Purple/Pink Wig
Lollipop Lily Green/Pink Wig
Red Curly Afro Wig
Adult Rainbow Rocker Wig
80's Funky Fresh Rainbow Wig
Purple Clown Wig With Attached Polka Dot Hat
Rainbow Clown Mullet Wig
Adult Rag Doll Boy Wig
Circus Sweetie Rainbow False Eyelashes
Adult Colorful Striped Leggings
Ooh La La Yellow/Red Wig
Curly Green Wig
Infant Li'l Jester Costume
Child's Pretty Princess Red Ariel Wig
Adult Full Face Mask - More Colors
Adult Pop Art Suspenders
Adult Opaque Nylon Tights - More Colors
Plus Size Nylon Tights - More Colors
Adult Striped Tights - More Colors
Plus Size Striped Tights - More Colors
Adult Black/Purple Jester Tights
Plus Size Black/Purple Jester Tights
Adult Black/White Jester Tights
Plus Size Black/White Jester Tights
Adult Red/White Jester or Elf Tights - Standard and Plus Size
Red/Green Elf Tights - Adult and Plus
Blue California Girl Wig
Purple California Girl Wig
Neon Blue Glam Short Wig
Lilac Glam Short Wig
Lilac Glamorama Wig
Economy Light Pink Bob Wig
Economy Purple Bob Wig
Economy Coral Pink Bob Wig
Economy Orange Bob Wig
Economy Lime Green Bob Wig
Neon Blue Glamorama Wig
Curly Hot Pink Wig
Red Glamour Wig
Neon Purple 80's Punk Wig
Super Model Wig - Pink
Green Elf Wig
Bee Hive Wig - More Colors
Super Afro Wig - Black or Blonde
Purple Vibe Wig
Child's Red Mermaid Wig
Red Yarn Rag Doll Wig - Adult or Child
Adult Lilac Anime Pixie Wig
Adult Black/White Checkered Clown Shoes
Rainbow Eyelashes
Rainbow Dash Glovettes - My Little Pony
My Little Pony Tails - Twilight Sparkle and Pinkie Pie
Rainbow Body Jewelry
Colorful Handlebar Mustache - More Colors
12 Pack Metallic Half Masks
Colorful Fedora Hat - More Colors
Ponytail Bopper Headband - More Colors
Icy Pink Party Flapper Wig
Icy Blue Party Flapper Wig
Icy Pink So Fine Wig
Icy Blue So Fine Wig
Lilac So Fine Wig
Adult Purple/Orange Candy Glam Wig
Blonde Dancing Queen Afro Wig
Gray Curly Grandma Wig
Child's Rainbow Clown Wig
Child's Black Afro Wig
Women's Rainbow Chic Bob Wig
Adult Polka Dot Clown Socks
Red Plastic Clown Nose
Purple Circus Sweetie Foam Clown Nose
Adult Long Curly Green Wig
Adult Long Curly Red Wig
Blue Clown Gloves
Adult White Theatrical Gloves
White Cotton Gloves
Black Cotton Gloves
Yellow Adult Clown Gloves
Ladies' Parade Gloves - White
Adult/Child Acrylic Fingerless Gloves
Jumbo Yellow Polka Dot Clown Bowtie
Jumbo Polka Dot Clown Tie - More Colors
Circus Sweetie Ruffled Clown Gloves
Circus Sweetie Polka Dot Mini Cone Hat
Circus Sweetie Clown Parasol
Party Time Makeup Set
Face Painting Set
Fantasy Makeup Stack
Colorless Powder Makeup
Jumbo Squirt Flower
Jumbo Squirting Sunflower
Bang! Gun
Harpo Horn
Adult Black Theatrical Gloves
Child's White Cotton Gloves
Adult Rainbow Knee Socks
Adult Neon Rainbow Leg Warmers
Adult Bright Rainbow Leg Warmers
Adult Bright Rainbow Thigh High Socks
Adult Rainbow Thigh High Stockings
Adult Rainbow Striped and Polka Dot Thigh High Socks
Adult Rainbow Striped and Polka Dot Knee High Socks
Adult Striped Thigh Highs - More Colors
Adult Striped Knee Highs - More Colors
Red/White Striped Rag Doll Socks - Adult or Child
Adult Suspenders
Adult Sequin Suspenders
80's Neon Elastic Suspenders
Circus Sweetie Polka Dot Pantyhose
Circus Sweetie Polka Dot Clown Nails
Child Size Gloves - White or Red
Adult Red/Green Clown Shoes
Circus Sweetie Rainbow False Eyelashes
Adult Glitter Jumbo Sneakers Clown Shoes
Tri-Color Mardi Gras Jester Hat With Pom Poms
Classic Rubber Chicken
Black/Red Jester Tights - Adult and Plus
Mooning Bum Shorts
Black Liner Stick
Satin Bowtie - Black, White, Red, Green
Adult Red/White Striped Suspenders
Adult Fuchsia/Pink Striped Suspenders
Adult Yellow/White Striped Suspenders
Adult Velvet Elf Shoe Covers
Gold Plastic Clarinet Kazoo
Fake Plastic Buttocks
Jumbo Fake Lollipop
Highlight Color Makeup Sticks
Neon Color Makeup Sticks
Glitter Highlight Makeup Sticks
Child's Velvet Elf Shoe Covers
Child Size Jester Shoes
Adult White Cotton Pinafore
Adult Black/White Vertical Striped Leggings
80's Neon Zip-Up Necktie
Adult 80's Hot Pink Pettiskirt
Adult 80's Neon Green Pettiskirt
Adult 80's Neon Yellow Pettiskirt
Purple Bob Wig
If you really want to go for the psycho clown costume look, start with one of our big top clown costumes or sexy clown costumes, then add a latex mask, wig, toy weapon and other accessories to look like a good clown gone bad. Or use these extras to make your horror clown costume even more terrifying. Our scary clown Halloween costumes will have people hiding behind the couch and cowering in the streets whenever you walk by. Pair our clown costume accessories with one of our other gothic and scary costumes for a whole other level of chilling.
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