80's Wigs

'80s Wigs

The 1980s were all about the hair - hair metal, teasing, hairspray - you name it, if it had to do with hair, it was big in that decade. We pay homage to this totally rad era with these '80s Wigs from Candy Apple Costumes. Whether you're dressing up for Halloween or a theme party, no '80s costume is complete without a far-out head of hair to match. Relive the years of neon and feathered mullets in all their glory with our vast selection of '80s Wigs.
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80's Let's Get Physical Blonde Wig and Sweatbands
Long Unisex Mixed Blonde 80s Rocker Wig
Unisex Rocker Wig - More Colors
Blonde 80's Sprayed Wig
80's Pop Star Wig
80's Rock Mullet Brown Wig
Adult Rockin' Soul Wig
80's Girls' Night Out Black Curly Mullet Wig
Two-Tone Blonde Hard Rocker Wig
Deluxe Brown Super Star Wig
Black Hard Rocker Wig
80's Pop Sensation Wig - Pink or Lime
Mullet Wig - More Colors
80's Neon Tri-Color Sindee Wig
Light Brown 80's Mullet Wig
80's Mullet Wig - Brown or Black
Brown Super Mullet Wig
Curly Black Persian Prince Wig
Long Black 80's Headbanger Wig
Glam Rocker Neon Orange Wig
Adult Purple/Orange Candy Glam Wig
Women's Curly Black Disco Diva Do Wig
80's Chameleon Hat with Multicolored Braids
Adult Purple/Black Curly Siren Wig
Adult Blonde Instant Mullet Headband
Adult Brown Instant Mullet Headband
Adult "The Willie" Headband With Braids
Deluxe Platinum Mistress Wig
Deluxe Blonde Mistress Wig
Hot Pink Peggy Sue Wig
Deluxe 80's Diva Blonde With Black Roots Wig
Blonde Discorama Mama Wig
Deluxe Blond Real Man Wig
Honey Blond Mr. Dreamy Wig
Adult Marina Blue/Turquoise Wig
Economy Purple Bob Wig
Economy Orange Bob Wig
Economy Light Pink Bob Wig
Neon Red Glamorama Wig
Economy Hot Pink Bob Wig
70's Angel Blonde Wig
Neon Pink Glamorama Wig
Neon Blue Peggy Sue Wig
Blue/Pink Candy Swirl Wig
Feathered and Flirty Brown Wig
Feathered and Flirty Blonde Wig
Neon Green Peggy Sue Wig
Glamorous Red Wig
Neon Blue Glam Short Wig
Icy Pink So Fine Wig
Lilac So Fine Wig
Icy Blue So Fine Wig
Icy Pink/White Dream Girl Wig
Adult Tight Curls Afro Wig
Blonde Bombshell Wig
Neon Red So Fine Wig
Deluxe Black Long Curly Diva Wig
Bail Enforcer Dirty Blonde Mullet Wig
80's Girls' Night Out Brown Curly Mullet Wig
Mr. Tough Guy Wig

There's the mullet, and then there's the curly mullet. Embrace one of America's most legendary haircuts by taking it to the next level with an '80s Girls' Night Out Black Curly Mullet Wig. Maybe you want to channel your inner soulful diva while rocking out on a riverboat - in that case, you'll definitely be needing an Adult Rockin' Soul Wig. Let's not forget the incredible coifs of some of our all-time favorite rock and roll bands, and what's hair metal without the hair? Celebrate their magnificent manes with a Two-Tone Blonde Hard Rocker Wig. When you're picking up a wig, you'll also be needing Nylon Wig Cap in order to keep your own original locks in place. Whichever wig you choose, you're going to love the extra level of totally tubular coolness it brings to any costume. Candy Apple Costumes takes care to only source wigs from the most respectable producers in the world, so you can rest assured that no matter what product you order, it will meet and exceed all of your expectations.

If you have a question about something in our inventory or would like to place your order over the phone, we'll be happy to help! Give our customer service team a call and they'll be glad to assist you with whatever you need.

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