80's Accessories

80's Costume Accessories

Create the perfect look for a 1980s theme party wearing '80s costume accessories from Candy Apple Costumes. We have colorful tutus and leg warmers made famous by the '80s hit movie "Flashdance." You'll also find colorful arm warmers, fingerless gloves and bangles that go great with flashy neon '80s clothes.
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Double Rectangle Earrings
Adult Acrylic Knee High Leg Warmers - More Colors
Adult Acrylic 80's Leg Warmers - More Colors
Colorful Fingerless Fishnet Arm Warmers
Colorful Fingerless Fishnet Gloves
Adult Hot Pink Layered Tulle Petticoat
Neon Diamond Cut-Out Dangle Earrings
Adult Lace Ruffle Ankle Socks - More Colors
Black Lace Wrist Length Gloves
80's Neon Bead Bracelet Set
80's Neon Belt Set
80's Neon Lace Gloves
80's Plastic Bangles - Set of 4
Deluxe 80's Bangles - Set of 4
80's Multi-Color Neon Bracelets - 12-Pack
Two-Tone 80's Spring Bracelets 6-piece Set
80's Neon Elastic Suspenders
80's Neon T-shirt Clips
80's Neon Tiled Belt
Adult 80's Neon Green Pettiskirt
Adult 80's Hot Pink Pettiskirt
80's Lace Bow Hairscarf
Lightweight Neon 80's Fanny Pack
80's Candy Color Belt
Adult Solid Metallic Leggings - More Colors
Triangular Bangle Bracelets 4-Pack
Solid Neon Rubber Bracelets 24-Pack
White Bangle with Neon Designs
Rainbow Fingerless Fishnet Gloves
80's Fanny Pack
Neon Teardrop Dangle Earrings
Rainbow Teardrop Earrings
Pearlescent Triple Teardrop Dangle Earrings
Neon Flower Bangle Bracelet
Retro Circle Cutout Chain Belt
Rainbow Hoop Earrings
Bejeweled Circle Earrings
Bright Heart Hoop Earrings
80's Lace Buckle Elastic Belt
Totally 80's Button Set of 10
Adult Hot Pink Ribbed 80's Leg Warmers
Adult Knee Length Tulle Pettiskirt - More Colors
Fingerless Fishnet Gloves - Black or White
Studded Fingerless Biker Gloves
Adult Tutu Petticoat - Many Colors
Women's 80's Lightning Bolt Earrings
Sequin Bowtie
Mirrored Aviator Sunglasses
Adult Fishnet Footless Tights - More Colors
Adult Opaque Footless Tights - More Colors
Adult Neon Green Footless Tights
Adult Neon Pink Footless Tights
Flower Cut-Out Plastic Earrings
Retro Plastic Flower Earrings
Striped Hoop Plastic Earrings
Hinged Plastic Bangle Bracelet
White and Black Mod Cuff Bracelets
Adult Black/White Striped Leggings
Adult Fishnet Pantyhose
Plus Size Fishnet Pantyhose - More Colors
Adult Black Lace Footless Tights
Adult Hot Pink Floral Lace Leggings
Adult 80's Pink Zebra Stirrup Pants
80's Lace Bow Hairscarf - Black or White
60" Flapper Bead Necklace
48" Flapper Bead Necklace - More Colors
4-Piece Set 80's Neon Spring Bracelets
Neon Retro Vinyl Hat
Neon False Eyelashes
Adult Sequin Zip Neck Tie
80's Neon Necklace and Earrings Set
Adult Colorful Striped Leggings
Child's Hot Pink Zebra Print 80's Skirt
Zebra Print Belt
Retro Nerd Glasses - Black or Tortoise
7-Inch Stretch Fingerless Gloves - More Colors
80's Chameleon Hat with Multicolored Braids
Bright Plastic Wavy Bangle
Adult Glitter Belt - Gold or Silver
Printed Bow Tie
Neon Cat's Eye Glasses
Metallic Gold/Silver Lightning Bolt Earrings
Adult Small Silver Spike Bracelet
Adult Large Silver Spike Bracelet
Glitter Microphone - Silver, Gold or Black
80's Sparkling Fringed Scarf
80's Neon Lace Bow Headband
Child's Retro Elastic Cinch Belt
Plus Size Retro Elastic Cinch Belt
Adult Retro Elastic Cinch Belt
Black/Gold Studded Belt
Black Studded Belt
Rainbow Studded Belt
Black/White Paint Splatter Studded Belt
Red/White Checkerboard Studded Belt
Oversize Rhinestone Sunglasses - More Colors
Blues Brothers Sunglasses
Bright White Rounded Square Sunglasses
Adult Leather Biker Vest with Patches
Adult Opaque Nylon Tights - More Colors
Plus Size Nylon Tights - More Colors
Girls' Opaque Footless Tights With Lace Trim
Child's Black Stretch Lace Footless Tights
Girls' Fishnet Pantyhose - More Colors
80's Punk Rock Temporary Tattoos
Adult Girly Bow Ankle Socks - More Colors
Adult White Ruffle Ankle Socks
Adult White Satin Cuff Ankle Socks
Leg Avenue White Petticoat Dress
Adult Striped Thigh Highs - More Colors
Zebra Print Sunglasses
Aviator Sunglasses
Wide Glitter Headband
Star Rhinestone Ring - Silver or Gold
Go Go Circle Chain Belt
Adult Short Dress Gloves - More Colors

We're '80s rock star central. Our 1980s-era jewelry and accessories will transform you into a heavy metal band member or punk rocker. Play Madonna or Cyndi Lauper wearing our big-hair blonde wigs and wrist-length lace gloves. Become a Michael Jackson lookalike wearing our glittery gloves, socks and skinny ties. Get matching leggings for your best friends to be a girl power group. Our selection is bigger and better than what you'll find in the tiny costume section of your local dollar store.

We have '80s costume accessories for movie heroes as well. Announce your "need for speed" wearing our mirrored aviator sunglasses made famous by Tom Cruise in the hit '80s movie "Top Gun." Wear felt fedoras like the ones worn in the "Indiana Jones" movies. With a snazzy pair of sunglasses, you'll feel like belting out the Blues Brothers.

Layer up the bangles for your next '80s dance party and pair them with big, dangly earrings. Add '80s leg warmers, tube tops, oversize sunglasses and sporty pumps to do the electric slide. For more inspiration, browse our '80s Costumes pages to view photos of our costumes paired with '80s accessories. Shop for that spiked hair, mullet, rainbow rocker or pixie look in our '80s Wigs section. We have biker vests, caps and boots, too. Our '80s Cartoon Costumes looks offer even more possibilities for '80s costume jewelry and accessories.
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